Ethernet Port. First Post on the board!

I think that adding an ethernet port would be a good option. I like the reliability of a wired connection. 

  • Since you have the Ethernet jacks could consider something like a Luma which would allow you to add an access point via Ethernet right near your alarm set up.  I have a Luma system (1 head AP unit and 2 additional APs) for the wireless mesh in my house and have great coverage for basement, 1st, 2nd, and garage with them.  I know there are some other brands that work similarly (Eero Pro for one).  At least that way you've got Ethernet to the area you're working with and then you'd have a strong WiFi signal from the AP to your Konnected.

  • @Marianne

    The problem is not really the reliability of Wifi as such bur rather that a Wifi network can be jammed with a cheap jammer. The increase in wireless DIY alarm systems has made the Wifi jammers part of the toolkit for the professional burglars.

    It only takes one weak link in the alarm chain to make it an easy target. I'm building a new home and I will run 200+ meters of cable only to have the last 20 cm between a konnected board and the HA PI to be easily targeted? So close but no cigar.

    I wish Konnected would be based on the ESP32 instead of ESP8266 as the ESP32 comes with ethernet and it really is not that expensive. The small increase in price is worth it IMO as it would render konnected harder to target.

  •  Another vote for an Ethernet port option...   There are far too many good reasons to add this feature and the extra cost is a rounding error in the big scheme of things...  Anyone that has dealt with IP Cams on wifi, or just about any other "wifi only hub" (Harmony, ST, rainmachine, etc.) knows that wifi un-reliability cannot be understated AND the Kdevices belong in a locked metal enclosure making matters tougher...


  • This feature has my vote!

  • Voting for this as well. Wifi connectivity just doesn't appeal to me.

  • As soon as this is added I am buying the kit - I have a newly-moved-into house to wire up. I also want a hardcoded (GPIO?) keypad, so that I'm not depending on the temperament of a tablet or such, to put in my alarm code or turn off the alarm.
  • Just another vote - I am continuing with my dumb alarm until a wired system is available.  I am also hoping there are additional monitoring options - not sure I'm completely comfortable relying on ST cloud availability as opposed to straight tcpip connectivity to some service provider.

  • Another vote here for wired Ethernet. My alarm panel is two feet from my networking panel. Having the option would be great as a replacement board. I understand why WiFi was considered first.

    While I am here - huge thumbs-up for Konnected overall!! Easily was able to reuse two, existing wired door sensors, a wired motion sensor, and planning to do a siren and chime. 

  • I am hoping the developer will chime in with the feasibility of a version with wired ethernet, and a loose estimate of timetable. I am reupping my current alarm monitoring contract but I have the option of 1, 2 or 3 years.  If wired isn't happening in the foreseeable future I'll do 3 years but I'd love to have the option to go with Konnected ... wireless is a definite non-starter though, as another poster mentioned, we didn't spend countless dollars getting our homes wired just to put in that last couple feet of wireless weak point.

  • I'm a plus 1 on Ethernet, thought I bought anyway.  My panel is side by side with my comms network which has a 16 port switch. So much easier to just plug it in;  ok, harder for Konnected.  I use a wired, managed, router and three APs which are all POE. As a result, it's lot harder for me to have battery backup for my wifi since they all use 120V for the port injector.

    But, here's the flip side....My power goes out maybe once a year. What are the odds of someone robbing me during that exact time period.  AND, if it's a planned attack then I figure the attacker would be cutting the cable line into the house at the same time they are killing the power.  So, battery backup is not really helpful in my scenario without an LTE backup connection as well.  So, I'm gonna settle for a 99% solution for about $300 bucks (to start) and skip the 99.9% solution for $1000 + monthly charges.

  • So much yes in here!

    My 3 thumbs up for this feature.  My house is wired with network cable and much prefer a hard connection compared to wireless.  Makes it all too easy to use a 2.4ghz jammer.

    Gonna continue to use my old wired system until a wired konnected solution is presented.

  • This seems to be one of the most popular discussions regarding the whole project - was there any official word on whether or not this is being worked on, and timescale etc?
  •  My vote for this feature

  • This is a must have. It's the only thing stopping me from purchasing hundreds of these for a large project.

  • Ethernet would be a slam dunk for this product. 

    There was mention of migration of the platform to the ESP32 platform, is that in the roadmap or just speculation?

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